What is the Consulting Committee?

     The BGAMA Consulting Committee is a group of BGSU AMA who provide marketing services to organizations at BGSU and in the Bowling Green community. The consulting Committee will work with organizations to develop an understanding of their project and will then creat and implaement a marketing plan/strtegy to fit the needs of their project.
      The Consulting Committee memmbers will work with the organization at all times to make sure that all of thoses needs are being met. Here is how the Consulting Committe works:
                     - Fill out an application to be selected
                     - Set-up a one-on-one cosultation meeting
                     - Create a marketing proposal
                     - Implement marketing plan
                     - Follow- up meeting
       Throughout the process the Consulting Committee is  committed to wokring with you in order to meet all of your marketing needs. Although our services are free of charge, you will be expected to cover any costs incurred with implementing the marketing plan. For example, if it is asked that color advertisements are created you would be expected to cover the cost of color printing.

If you are interested in using the services of the Committee. Please fill out the application located at the bottom of this page.

Who is in the Consulting Committee?

     Members of the BG AMA Consulting Committee are a group of passionate and dedicated individuals. Each student on the Consulting Committee was selected because they excel in the study of marketing, graphic design, VCT, and business. These students not only enjoy learning about all aspects of the marketing field, but they also aspire to be the best by sharing their knowledge and skills to help organizations and businessess in the community.
      It is currently Co-Chaired by BG AMA's VP's of Promotions Emma Day, and Meredith Baldy    !  If you are interested in becoming a part of this committee, please download the application below!
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File Size: 64 kb
File Type: pdf
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